Summer menu

The entries

Plate of charcuterie from champsaur

7 €

Salmon Tartar

10 €

Maroilles pie

6 €


The dishes

Vegetarian salad

Green salad, tomatoes, toast with tome cheese, tourtons, egg

15 €

Flemish Carbonnade with fries

15 €

Beef carpaccio with fries and salad

Olive oil, basil, parmesan shavings

16 €

The specialties

From here

The champsaur board

Charcuterie of Champsaur, cheese of the valley, tourtons,
ravioli and green salad

20 €

And of ch’nord

The ch’ti board

Maroilles pie, Welsh, Carbonnade or Potjevleesch, green salad and French fries

And of course…

20 €

The winegrower’s fondue

2 persons minimum, waiting time to be expected
Served with green salad and fries

21 € / pers

Planche de charcuterie du champsaur
Fondant au chocolat

The desserts

Country pie

5 €

Cup of ice cream and sorbets

2 scoops and whipped cream

6 €


Regional selection

7 €

F’ Dessert

See the slate

6 €

Beer Vergeoise Pie

6 €